Custom Tests

All of TMT’s test machines have been built in-house to satisfy customer needs. Although we have dwelled mostly on testing rope and cable systems, we can draw on our large pool of mechanical test hardware to simulate a wide variety of mechanical service situations. TMT is essentially a large-scale erector set, and, with a little ingenuity, we can pull or push on almost anything.

In addition to our mechanical, electrical, and optical test equipment, we also have cryogenic valves and thermocouples for thermal testing and intensifiers and pressure transducers for pressure testing. Signal conditioners are used throughout the lab to condition transducer signals and provide digital readouts and proportional analog signals. For general data collecting, TMT has several TMT-developed data acquisition systems that provide flexible, real-time, graphical data display and digital data recording. We also have multiplexing hardware that is used in conjunction with the TMT data acquisition system to collect data from many channels of strain gauges or thermocouples.

Over the years, we have tested electrical and optical connectors, cable terminations, cable bend stiffeners, repeater and splice housings, rigging hardware, shackles & frangible links, submersible shells, winch systems, tug boat capacity, solar panel coordination cables, cable cutters, seatbelt systems, waterbeds, et cetera – the list goes on and on. Despite our attraction to ropes and cables, we are always looking for new areas to apply our resources. Our test machines, diverse instrumentation, data acquisition equipment, and experienced engineers are ready to tackle almost any mechanical testing requirement.