Cable Analysis and Consulting

During our many years of testing, we have witnessed many rope and cable failures, which have resulted in many cable analyses. Through these experiences and use of our Cable Solver Analysis & Design Software, we have developed a unique insight into cable mechanics and cable failure modes. Although we are typically asked to find cable problems, we are also compelled to provide solutions. Because of our experiences and analytical capabilities, we can often provide very specific, time efficient, and economical solutions to many cable and cable system problems.

Often, cable system problems are not just the fault of the cable, but stem from the cable handling procedure or the design of the cable handling equipment. Many of our tests have involved either actual or simulated winches, fairleads, linear cable engines, motion compensators, etc. During these tests, we have become very knowledgeable of the typical procedural and equipment problems associated with these mechanisms, so we can often provide quick and effective solutions to these hardware problems.

Available analysis and consulting services include:

  • Failure analysis
  • Dissection and forensic failure analysis
  • Computer-aided cable design analysis
  • On-site inspection and analysis
  • Cable specification and design analysis and consulting
  • Cable-handling procedure and equipment analysis and consulting
  • Expert witness