Established 1976




Huntington Beach, CA!

Cable, Rope, Hardware Testing and Consulting SinceĀ 1976

TMT Laboratories is a cable and rope test facility with the capability to customize our machines to provide unique testing configurations for your cable or rope needs.

Why TMT Labs?

We understand what it takes to design, manufacture, handle, terminate, and optimize a tension member to meet your critical needs. Our friendly staff can work with you from design to testing on your rope, cable, or umbilical programs.

Experience Matters

Since we opened our doors in 1976, we have worked with the oil & gas, telecommunication, military & defense, space & aviation, shipping, oceanographic, automotive, construction, recreation industries, and many more.


TMT Laboratories understands tension members and how they interact with handling systems and field installations. Our expertise allows us to develop a test program that ensures you can take your tension member to the limit, but not to failure.