Data Acquisition

It is our daily business to acquire data in our laboratory, so it is a natural extension of our work to acquire data in the field. TMT owns portable data acquisition systems and a long list of mechanical, electrical, optical, and thermal transducers that can be used wherever data acquisition is needed.

Several years ago, TMT was compelled to develop a custom PC-based data acquisition system to suit our acquisition needs and provide a quick and convenient way to acquire, condition, display, and record data. The result was TMT DAS (Data Acquisition System). TMT DAS was designed for maximum flexibility and interaction while acquiring and recording data. This design philosophy sacrificed speed, but it allowed the user to interrogate data real time so that the user might better understand the data without interruption of the test or the data file. Often, proper real time interpretation of the data is the key to test success. We feel that TMT DAS greatly enhances the users ability to make those important interpretations and resulting decisions.

TMT DAS features:

  • real-time interaction for immediate interrogation of data and test events,
  • data recording to Excel compatible data files,
  • scaling and biasing for proper engineering unit readout,
  • save and recall of acquisition setups,
  • channel ranging for higher resolution of digital data, and
  • automatic file numbering for quick and safe acquisition stops and restarts.

Strain Gauges:

Field Measurements:
TMT has also developed a portable system. This system is easily transportable with a TMT Engineer to do on-site field measurements.

Software Sales:
Several customers expressed interest in TMT DAS, so we made it commercially available. TMT DAS includes:

  • DAQ Hardware – typically, an 8-channel (differential), 100-kHz, 16-bit, National Instruments A/D card with filtered BNC-2090 connection box and related cabling. More channels or channel multiplexing for high-channel-count acquisitions can be incorporated, if needed.
  • Software – TMT-proprietary data-acquisition software in executable form on CD.
  • Documentation – TMT DAS User Manual with TMT DAS Connection Guide, TMT DAS Quick-Reference List, and National Instruments documentation for the A/D card and adapter chassis.
  • Optional System Cart – sturdy roller cart with integrated BNC connection box and Universal Power Supply.

Data Acquisition System Rentals:
Occasionally the services of a Data Acquisition System are needed for a period of time short enough to justify renting one but not buying one. In such cases, TMT will rent a complete 8- or 16-channel unit. A TMT representative will deliver (within a reasonable distance from Huntington Beach, CA), set it up, train the operator to run the DAS, and pick-up the unit at the end of the required time.

To check availability and pricing of Data Acquisition Systems, contact Andy Glasgow at andy@tmtlabs.com or 714-898-5641 x 107.